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Learn all about some of Sam Heat's most popular products used in his production.

Check Out VOCAL Templates

I wanted to create a Vocal template that would help creatives who are new to recording hit the ground running! There is so much information on the Net on how to do all kinds of cool audio processes, BUT an actual creator wants something simple that will help them sound good FAST! My vocal recording template will help you accomplish this! Let’s be honest no template will refine your sound like an experienced mixing engineer.

However, these templates will make your initial recordings sound professional enough to be released. If you decide to go the next step and hire a mixing engineer to refine your song and turn it into a true radio/retail ready mix, these templates will give them a reference, so they know precisely the finished product you are looking for.

Check Out VOICE LUSH Templates

Vocal Lush is a custom collection of vocals designed to be used by producers to spice up their urban music productions. I have personally recorded different unique vocal types to give you something different to add to your sound. These packs are royalty-free and available for commercial use.